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First and foremost apologies in being so tardy with getting the photos done.

This was my second year attending the Heaven on Wheels Show in Belgium, their show season opener. In my opinion, even though last year was absolutely amazing, this year was even better! The venue was so packed out, you could see cars driving around for ages looking for a spot to park up. The show, in its eighth year, is open to all makes and models and therefore attracts all types of cars from all different types of scenes. So, while you may not like all the cars you see, you can certainly appreciate the work that must have gone in to some of them.

For me, even though it might sound a bit biased, I think that the UK smashed it this year. Compared to last year, there was probably more than double the amount of cars representing, not only that, pretty much all of the cars were on point, and it clearly showed as we took home three of the ‘top 5 international’ trophies, which was open to any car not from Belgium, so also included cars that had driven from France, Germany, Italy etc.

These brothers, Gurpal and Indy Flore with their Jaw-dropping Mercs.

Sammy G’s Stunning Mk4 Golf which is also featured in the May Issue of Golf+ Magazine

Also, Steven Sierra who got a trophy for one of ‘Top 20 Show’n’Shine’ with his TT on air

Not only that, to the dismay of some people, it seemed as though, the UK also had some of the loudest cars inside, so loud that the roof was literally shaking

There were so many bagged cars you would think it was an entry requirement to get in to the show!

Even though, everyone was absolutely shattered after the 8+ hour journey there, once again this year proved why this is one of the best shows in the calendar and I already cannot wait for next year!

Photography by Zebtan Photography


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