V2Lab’s Big Meat

Written by : Posted on March 30, 2011 : 8 Comments

Meet, a word that is defined as coming together. Most people know this word as a verb, but the guys at V2Lab are not your ordinary kind of guys. Straying away from the typical “meet” they decided to go with something that provided more substance, more meaning, something manly. The masterminds behind Theory Garage and V2 decided to use the noun meat to describe their event that was going to kick the hell out of Sunday March 27th. The Big Meat, as it was dubbed, went down at Tavern at the Lake and played host to the 1st annual Big Meat. Within two hours of the show starting, it was filled to the brim. Cars lined every space provided overflowing the parking area. Some had to park inside the cobble stone city behind the show where a few brave lowered souls tested their cars fortitude. Vendors such as State of Stance and Boost Lab were on hand to sell shirts, stickers, and give some tips and tricks on how to get your horsepower in check. Steven Martinez (resident photographer and S2K fan) was on hand and captured a few great shots for us.

Photography by Steven Martinez


  1. Stewiestuart on said:

    like this whip. no flash, no loudness, extremely clean. Having this stance sets this ride apart fron the rest. Nice job dude!

  2. Guest on said:

    Good Job.
    This time you only had three spelling and grammar errors.
    Maybe because it is a shorter feature or you have gotten better at writing… hmmm!
    I am going to go with shorter feature. Less room for you to mess up.

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