Wekfest 2011

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If I had to choose the biggest and baddest event in California, Wekfest is definitely in the top of my list. This is not an ordinary event where you just pay and go with your car, but need to submit the best photos of your car with a modification list and hope you get chosen as one of the participants. So what does this mean? The sickest cars from California at one place. There are no stock cars or even mildly modified cars once you step inside the showcase hall. Cameras will be flashing everywhere and you’ll be one of the 20,000 guests enjoying the moment.

Wekfest started since 2009 and had a great success throughout the years. You’ve probably seen and read coverages on numerous blogs, which shows how insane this event can get. The event itself started at 1pm, but people were lining up since 10am and still, people were waiting in line for 3~4 hours. Last year, the place was shut down by the Fire Marshall’s because of the crowd!

Enjoy this brief coverage and make sure to check out the next Wekfest coming up this summer in SoCal!

Photography by Jofel Tolosa

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