Worthersee 2011

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This was my first year at Worthersee, had an idea what I was in for but nothing could prepare you for it. It is so mad, chaotic, random and all of those things but yet it oozes with so much class! The show itself is such a huge big event but yet is only a small part of the Worthersee experience; there is so much action all around the Lake, from 8 in the morning right through to 8 the next morning… the lake that never sleeps!

These pics don’t show Worthersee off to its potential, not even a 360 view could show what this place offers. From the scenery and the clear blue lake which is never more than 10 feet away from the road and sits at road level with the mountains in the background soaring above the clouds. Then you have the people from all around the world, all the different clubs, clicks, and styles shouting and cheering at some random car spinning its wheels. The quality of the cars is second to none, they come from far and wide to prove that the dub scene is just getting stronger year on year. Between the flawless paint jobs, wheels you only ever hear people talk about, and engines tuned to burn a set of tires in 30 seconds flat, it has easily the best selection of show and shine in the world. When you combine the cars, the people, and this extraordinary location, you get the best atmosphere possible! Pushing past crowds of people to see the car you have only seen on the net while sipping a cold beer and listening to the music pumping out of all the bars on the main road and jumping over hedges at the shell garage to see what car is roaring and ripping the tarmac up!

I would recommend it to anyone and I will be going again, that’s for sure!

Photography by James Macauley
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