Eastwood Brothers

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Dan & Harry are two young stance enthusiasts from Belfast, UK. They also happen to be to brothers (hence the post title) but this post is not really about them, it’s about their attractive pair of Mazda MX-5’s (aka Miata’s in the state). Harry, own’s the blue one, and according to what he’s mentioned to us he’s been on the scene for sometime now. However, he borrowed this Miata from his mother about 6 months ago. He started putting it together with a very tight budget and managed to get it looking this good in no time. Nothing wrong with affordable wheels if they fit well. Harry slapped a set of 15×8 ET10 Rota Zero Plus wheels and 195/50/15 Toyo T1R’s all around. Inside, a vintage Nardi polished/wood steering wheel has him in control, Nardi wood gear shifter, and Nardi wood handbrake cover to name a few items. So after Harry put all this together, he gets the news… his mother wants it back, with all his parts of course.

Dan is rocking the red one which he purchased from a lady nearly stock just 2 months ago. He’s also been around the scene for about 3 years now and considers fitment to always come first. He says when he first bought it, he spent a great deal of time just buffing and polishing the paint cause it had been neglected. It’s a 1996 Miata folks, so keeping things subtle and affordable he got himself some 15×8 ET0 XXR 002’s in matte black which flow very well with the exterior. Inside, he got himself some custom work and added a Kenwood DVD touchscreen to enjoy the roadster experience in a whole new way, quite fun if you ask me.

Our brief exclusive with these two brothers ends here. Nothing baller, nothing fancy, just a great interpretation of how thrilling it may be to experience the automotive stance movement within a family . Top down, dumped, and enjoying a breath of fresh air.

Photography by James Macauley


  1. josh on said:

    cheap wheels should not deserve a stance feature when there is no amazing stance. they aren’t killing it. they aren’t doing anything different. they’re on rota’s and xxr’s. this should be removed.

    • Corey_keeton on said:

      They’re good looking cars. MOST people can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars just on wheels. I’d buy XXRs in a heartbeat.

      • josh on said:

        isn’t that what this shit is about? the wheels? they’re basic looking miata’s. if this is what showcasing “stance” is about then i think we need to redefine this whole “scene.” it’s becoming a trend thats benefitting cheap, low quality manufacturers, and allowing them to stop creativity and just recreate something that has already been done.

        • People have a set image in mind of what they want to achieve in looks and in this case stance, but more importantly the standard person has a budget, so this is where the cycle starts and pretty much finishes,

          However i do get your point, people who can afford to go mad on a set of “Rare Scene Hoops” should do so and therefore making the “Scene” a lot more interesting.

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