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Were at it once again, this time featuring Jamie Brown’s 2003 MG ZR Express. This might be your first time seeing an MG ZR as they are not available in the states. However, more surpassingly, it’s one with a ton of mods and stretch. Not exactly slammed per say (currently), but a nice combination of colors and style. Custom candy red centers on a set of Schmidt moderline 3 piece, really setting it off nicely.

Acording to Jamie, “The main issue when building this car was that an MG has never been done before. Good parts aren’t available and also you have to take inspiration from other models.” In his case, he took the influence from the German cleaned scene. This MG has had a good deal of shaving, almost everything from the front to the rear bumper has had some sort of smooth to it. Both front and rear arches have been flared to accommodate this crazy fitment.

Only thing that would have made this car perhaps more impressive was if we could have caught in time when it was dumped. Recently, Jamie raised the car a bit as he’s been contemplating selling or partying it out. Reason we wanted to share this exclusive with all of our fans as it may be perhaps the only MG of this magnitude, definitely one of a kind.

PTP 180 upgrade package
ITG carbon air intake
Janspeed manifold/sports cat/catback
Custom euro style stubby back boz
Custom made quickshift
Red flocked covers, bonnet strut

Converted from a van (rear window conversion)
Smoothed front bumper – (deleting: plate recess, splitter, grill, bumpstrips, smoothed in fogs)
Extended bonnet
Smoothed mk2 sideskirts
Smoothed mk2 tailgate
Smoothed mk2 rear bumper, smoothed corner spoilers,heatshield, colourcoded splitter
Rare ABC ultra rear lights
Custom front arches – flared – side repeatoes smoothed
Custom rear arches – 2″ flare
Custom smoothed fuel filler cap – 2.5″ flush mocal filler
Rover 25 small spoiler
Dewiper allround
Dice aerial

Wheels & Tires
Schmidt moderline 3 piece
Radinox disges allround
Gold bolts
Candy red centers
Flocked rollhard centre cap
16×8.5 et15
195/40/16 Falken 912
16×9.5 et5
215/35/16 Falken 912

Custom made 2 part rollcage (candy red)
Seats retrimmed with blue alcantara centers and black leathers bolsters, blue stitching
Blue alcantara a/b/c pillars, headlining, doorcards, boot trim
Flocked momo wheel
Snap off boss
Custom 2 x double din centre console
Blue flocked dash
Flocked rear shelf
Various items flocked
MGTF rear view mirror
black rover heater dials

Custom Gaz Gold coilovers
Modified springs and bumpstops
150mm front
130mm rear
Slight nose down stance

Custom volt guage in drivers air vent
Double din unit & output screen in centre console
Hertz front components
Custom boot install
2xJL audio subs
Alpine v12 amp
1.0 farad power cap
0awg wiring

Photography by ScenePhotography

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