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It was about a year ago when I first met Chris Amodei, and at the time he was dismantling his car. What for you may ask? Well, he was starting a full respray. Up until the last minute I had no idea what color he was going to paint the car. That day Chris sent me a picture of the color right before the car was going in the paint booth. I was probably more excited than he was, well not exactly, but very close haha.

Nonetheless, I wanted to see the final outcome because I had never seen a Brickyard Purple S2000. However, considering this was Chris, it was yet more interesting. You see, Chris really doesn’t care what people think about his car and it always boils down to what he really wants to do regardless of public opinion. To put it into perspective, he’s the ultimate risk taker and lives with the no ef’s given attitude. This is how he truly enjoys everything he does in life. The thing is that he isn’t worried too much about ripping his lip various times or cambering his car to eternity, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the look he wants and he always prevails.

Before we get some hate on his wheels, they are his winter setup so don’t get too caught up on it. As usual though, the fitment is wild and we never expect nothing less from Chris. Maybe it’s too extreme for you, maybe is ideal, but the bottom line is very few cars can pull this off. His car is favored by many because of the combination of simplicity and uniqueness. I’m pretty confident that he isn’t done here yet, so this build will only get better.

Big shout-out to our friends over Ivy League East.

Originally Berlina black
Brickyard red color change
Flared front and rear fenders
Shaved front bumper with amuse lip
Shaved trunk
Megan track coilovers
Eibach front and rear camber kit
XXR 521 18×10 +25 215/35 tire -5 degrees up front -10 degrees in rear
9k bubble shift knob

Photography by Will Mayer
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