Air Force MKV

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Twenty-nine year old Tony is part of the US Armed Forces and is currently stationed in Germany. He’s been living there for about 7 years now and has been a vdub enthusiasts all his life. Been mostly into Mk1/Mk2’s he decided to change things up a bit and try out the newer generations. “Like most new models the MKV had to grow on me at first (looks wise) but I absolutely love looking at the car now”.

Tony owns this UG MKV GTI tuned on APR stg2+ ecu software and prepped for some autobahn fun. A few extra mods here and there but what is truly admired of this car is it’s style. At first, Tony tells us things might have been different for this car. He contemplated the idea of getting Koni’s and slapping a set of cheap wheels and calling it a day. Until he started browsing a rare wheel distributor online and found  a perfect set of and Work Equip (Mesh) or M1 in 18×9 et 38 and 18×10 et 32 (redrilled). After doing some number crunching and wheel/tire calculations, he found they would work and swiped his plastic to get things rolling.

“I fell in love with these things the moment I saw them”

Then luck stroke again, he signed for another 4 years of service and got hooked up with a bonus. Now he had some difficult choices to make, wether going static or air. “If I went static I would sacrifice how low I could go with these just due to size of them.” Air ride was the perfect choice in his case, he could dial in the right amount of height and make the car much more comfortable as a daily and to take his family around. After getting some marital agreements in place he was on his way to getting this installed. Here we are with the final outcome, a dedicated father with the passion of serving his country and enjoying the stance movement in his own way.

Airlift Air Ride Suspension

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  1. hinshu on said:

    Tony I still think your dub is one of the sickest vie seen since being out here. I love how the project has come along

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