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When you are purposely building an all around car, you need to accept the fact that scraping streets is not going to happen. Having said that, this car sits perfectly at the moment and for you to really appreciate it, you have to look at the big picture of what this build is really all about. Andy went all out on this project and I was stoked to get this featured. Mind you, I received a five-page list of mods that included everything from a wide body kit to a transmission swap and even forced induction. When I say this car has it all, I seriously mean it…. it has it all!

The first thing everyone compliments on this car is more than likely the wheels. The shape of the Miata for some odd reason really compliments the deep dish and the 4 spoke design, as if they were just meant to be. Keep in mind this car is already over 20 years old (1990) so it takes a far greater challenge to keep it in tip-top shape. Now, in my opinion, nothing comes close to the feeling of driving a roadster so I could only imagine this thing building 18psi of boost and giving you an adrenaline rush of a lifetime at 299hp. Add to that a roll cage, fully gutted interior, big brake kit, and a race clutch and you’ll make it to work everyday on time. However, this doesn’t recount nothing of what this car has, if you really want to be surprised you gotta check the entire modifications list below.

People enjoy getting recognized for the simple reason that it gives them a satisfying sense of accomplishment, practically nothing else can give you that. After working on a project for over four years and finally completing it, Andy’s Miata is mere a reflection of his creativity, dedication, and success.

Short block:
Bored 40 over with Weisco oversized turbo pistons (8.6:1)
Pouter rods
ARP main and head studs
All new bearings and gaskets
Pistons matched to 0.001 to the cylinder walls
Balanced and blueprinted (with the flywheel bolted on)
Lightened and balanced crank
Mazdaspeed high flow oil pump
Boundary Engineering billet oil pump gears
Ford Racing water pump
Powder coated bronze water pump pulley
Powder coated bronze alternator pulley
ATI Super Damper
Gates Racing timing belt
Gates Racing alternator belt
Mazdaspeed competition motor mounts

Fully ported and polished
Checked for flatness
0.5mm oversize intake and exhaust REV valves
Stiffer Volvo valve springs
New REV valve retainers
New OEM headgasket
Reground Mazda blank cams (258 duration)
Flyin Miata adjustable cam gears
Port-matched intake manifold
Mazda 323 GTX valve cover
• Powder coated dark bronze
• 10an bungs welded on
Moroso aluminum baffled catch can
10an Earls Perform-O-Flex braided stainless catch can lines
Black AN fittings and adapters
Redline- 8500 RPM

Dual Feed Billet Fuel Rail
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
6an Earls Perform-O-Flex braided stainless fuel lines
Black AN fittings & adapters
RC 750cc high impedance injectors
Walbro 255HP

GT2871R ball bearing turbo (.60in, .63 ex)
Apexi BOV
ETD shorty tubular manifold
Modified/reinforced unibody to be able to fit the 44mm wastegate
Tial 44mm external wastegate
ETS Intercooler (22x8x3)
Custom mounts fabbed up
2.5” SS intercooler piping
Powder coated dark bronze
Apexi 80mm power intake air filter
3an braided stainless oil feed with built in restrictor
4an Earl’s Perform-O-Flex wastegate vac lines
6an Earl’s Perform-O-Flex water lines
10an Earl’s Perform-o-flex oil return line
Black AN fittings & adapters
Golden Eagle billet vacuum block
Custom stainless steel exhaust
2.5” downpipe
3” from the DP back to a straight through muffler
Left exit exhaust
Tucked up high for clearance, while still having almost no bends to it

55mm Koyo Radiator
Upper coolant outlet modified for intercooler piping
Integrated intercooler mounts
190o thermostat
Maruha motors Radiator cap
12” Slim fan
Beatrush undertray
Flyin Miata Oil Cooler w/ thermostat
Flyin Miata silicone lower radiator hose

RX7 TII Transmission
Custom adapter plate fabricated out of ½” 6061 aluminum
Clutch fork modified to work with adapter plate
Custom mounts fabricated and welded in
Transmission bell housing modified for clearance
Poly transmission mounts
RX7 TII rear diff w/ LSD
Mazdaspeed competition diff mounts
Custom front diff mount fabbed up and welded in place
Custom RX7/Miata hybrid hubs which accept factory RX7 TII axle shafts
Shortened & balanced RX& TII driveshaft
Lightened and balanced miata flywheel
Clutchnet 6 puck sprung Miata/RX7 hybrid race clutch

Depowered power steering rack:
949 Racing lug nuts
ARP extended wheel studs

Megasquirt standalone ECU
4 bar map sensor
GM AIT sensor
Variable TPS sensor
COP conversion
Apexi AVCR
Full lineup of gauges
AEM Uego Wideband
Autometer sport comp gauges
• Boost/vac
• Oil temp
• Water temp
• Voltmeter
• All have Autometer green LEDs
Converted all bulbs to LEDs
Gauge cluster (including all indicator lights as well)
HVAC panel
Interior lighting
Alpine CDA-7875 head unit
Alpine Type R 6.5” speakers

Engine Bay:
Garagestar wiper cowl block off plate
Custom fabbed radiator block off plate
All hardware replaced with acorn nut & bolts
All acorn bolts sourced from early year miatas
Throttle cable covered in Techflex and heat shrink tubing at the ends
Full wire tuck
All wiring covered with Techflex and heat shrink tubing at the ends
Removed anything unnecessary (AC, Cruise control, airbags)
Relocated fuse box/relays/sensors/etc to out of site locations
New additions were mounted out of sight
Full brake line tuck
All brake hard lines covered in Techflex and heat shrink tubing at the ends
Fuel lines replaced with all AN lines & fittings, also tucked
Ground cables covered in Techflex and heat shrink tubing at the ends
All vac lines were wrapped in Techflex and heat shrink tubing at the ends
Tucked catch can & lines

Tein RA coilovers
Racing Beat hollow front swaybar
Racing Beat front lower control arm brace
Boundary Engineering frame rail stiffeners
Carbing 3 point strut tower brace
Hard Dog street cage
Additional cross brace added above rear parcel shelf
Driver’s seat brace added
Wire brushed, primed, and painted rear subframe and all control arms

Gutted interior
Momo T-frame bucket seat
Simpson 3” 5 point harness
Momo Competition steering wheel w/ Momo horn button
Momo vintage mahogany wheel w/ Momo horn button
Momo steering wheel hub
NRG carbon fiber slim quick release
Mazdaspeed Time Trap
Rats Back carbon fiber arm rest
Carbon fiber scuff plates
Saferacer roll bar padding
Wire brushed, primed and painted dash frame and pedal assemblies
Removed bracketry no longer in use
1.5” foam removed from the bottom of the stock miata seat (poor man’s bucket seat).
Custom 1-off Revlimiter gauge faces
HVAC aluminum dress up plate

AWR wide body kit
Full replacement fenders in the front, add-on flares for the rear
Turn Signal Intakes
Autokonexion carbon fiber trunk with integrated duckbill spoiler
Autokonexion carbon fiber hood
Heat shielding added to the underside of the hood
Rats back carbon fiber head light covers
Axis Power Racing license plate trim piece
Spec Miata tow hooks F/R
Trimmed the rear bumper & bumper support
Removed bracketry no longer in use
Wire brushed, primed, painted headlight brackets
Shaved radio antenna
Upgraded Sylvania headlights
R package front lip
JDM side winker repeaters
Aerocatch locking hood latches
JDM Eunos Roadster badges
Zoom Engineering carbon fiber mirrors
Audi TT Dolomite gray on the body
Audi TT Brilliant black on the windshield frame
Engine bay
Ford Gray
Ford Gray
Cage/vac booster/wiper motor/misc brackets

Hand-hammered bronze
Work Equip 01
• Front
15×10, 0 offset
205/50/15 Falken 912s
• Rear
15×11, 0 offset
225/50/15 Falken 912s

Wilwood big brake kit
Wilwood 11” blank rotors up front
Wilwood street pads
Flyin miata 2 piece rear rotors (modified to work with custom hubs)
New OEM rear calipers
Porterfield R4S pads (rear)
Flyin miata braided stainless lines
Superblue racing brake fluid

Photography by Martin Astromowicz
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