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I’ve been anticipating this feature now for quite a few days. When our photographer James Macauley said he had it all ready to go, I was so anxious to get this published. First off, considering I was born in the 80’s, this has always been one of my “Dream Cars”. You know, the one’s you fantasize about and draw in your school notebook back in the 5th grade? But then of course we moved from fantasizing about cars to fantasizing about… well you know, more complicated things.

“Variety is the spice of life”, heard that before? This couldn’t hold more truth this time around. Not many enthusiasts have the courage of going out the norms and putting together a car of this magnitude. Therefore, this 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 may be perhaps the first of its kind, and we take our hat off to its owner (John Peden) for bringing something new to the scene. Analyzing John’s notes to us we can vouch to say this 964 has had all sorts of major reconstruction. Luckily though, John does bodywork and perfection was the only thing he would settle for. He says he always wanted to own an air cooled 911, particularly this style. His combination of choice was polar silver and black interior, however after hunting one for quite sometime he realized it was nearly impossible to find. Plans changed, and back in March 2009 he bought the first one that came across within his budget, this time he was going to build it himself, his way.

So he stripped it all out and started from there. Since the interior was originally blue nothing could be reused. He re-trimmed the dash and sent out most of it to his buddy Barry at S.L. Auto Upholstery. He say’s the OEM black carpet was so ridiculously expensive that he just laid it out and made his own. All this time he started working on suspension and fitting the hydraulics. In his own words, “In the meantime I set to work fitting the hydraulics, id no bother at the back, but clearly I needed to get the front down to match, and it just wasn’t happening. After a bit of head scratching, I machined a section off the lower front arms as they were touching the front tub, which was also slightly modified for clearance. Another problem was that I being 4wd the driveshaft’s were an issue, so I notched the front chassis legs and then rerouted the brake lines.”

Once all the bodywork was done an OEM Porsche Polar Silver re-spray took place, he sent it out with just a headliner to another buddy at Audio Advice. Given all the parts from Barry and a set of Carbon backed GT3 leather seats, they sorted it all out and put the rest of it together for him. They built and trimmed the sound system and even made a Perspex lit cover for the hydraulics.

So here it is… a gorgeous Polar Silver 964 that is D4M LO and absolutely breathtaking with a style unheard of in today’s scene. Hopefully one day I can appreciate it in living colors when I visit the UK, but for the meantime, I’ll settle for what James Macauley has been able to share with us through his camera lens.

BTW I still fantasize about certain cars every now and then :)

Respray in Porsche polar silver
RS America spec rear bumper
Teardrop mirrors
Front brake ducts,
Clear front lenses
Rolled arches
105mm tailpipe
Carrera RS script badges

Wheels & Tires
Veloce 3.6 wheels
18”x 8 front
18”x 9.5 rear
Continentals Front 215/35|Rear 255/30

Rayvern hydraulics
Fluid dispersion hydraulic setup
500lbs springs front & 750lbs springs rear
Polybushed front and rear
H&R anti roll bar kit 24mm front & 26mm rear
Chassis notched for drive shaft clearance
Machined lower front arms

Carbon backed GT3 leather seats
Carrera RS inspired door builds
Black leather rear sub enclosure
Alcantara head-cloth
Dash retrimmed in black leather
Custom made black carpets
Momo millennium steering wheel
Momo gear knob
Carrera RS embroidered rear panel
Moulded boot panel
Blue illuminated Perspex detailing

MTX 6” components
MTX 5 channel amp
2x MTX 5500 12” subs
Alpine HU

Photography by James Macauley


  1. ColdxFront on said:

    This was the first car I saw on the friday afternoon in the petrol station outside E38, it’s breath taking!

  2. Nate on said:

    Wow this porsche is amazing.
    I don’t understand this sites name tho all these car are more than just stance………………………..alot more

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