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Even though the economy has put a strain on all of our wallets, we all remain dedicated to one thing…our cars. Sure, it might take you shopping at Costco or even cancelling your Netflix membership to help feed your automotive addiction, but for most of us…we simply can’t stop. Whether you own something Euro, Japanese or even Domestic, we always seem to be saving our pennies for the next big modification.

Take our friend Khalil. He is a prime example that a car can be a downright showstopper without dropping thousands of dollars into it and making yourself go broke. Khalil is a college student who has accomplished the unthinkable. Without a doubt, his 2004 E46 is one of the best we’ve seen…AND it’s static. Yes kids, I said it’s static.

When he first told me that he lowered it I thought to myself “a little lower would be good” but when I received the teaser text message, my jaw just about hit the floor. I couldn’t believe that the car I was looking at wasn’t bagged. Khalil’s Bimmer is dropped on Rokkor Tuning Coilovers with staggered BBS Style 5’s (18×8 / 18×9). The only thing that was holding him up before was the size of his tires, which he quickly changed out for new 205/40 Nankangs all around and immediately dropped the car even more that evening.

This e46 isn’t Khalil’s first go around in the BMW scene. Since he was a kid, his father has owned 7 BMW’s and has actually pushed him to where is at today. His first real experience with modding cars came in High School, when his friend rolled around in his dumped MK4 GLI. Since then, they continue to bounce ideas off each other in order to be some of the best in the game. The rear end is clean, simple and to the point. Rogue Engineering DMS exhaust. All red tails. M3 lip spoiler. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Many people in the scene feel as if just having some drop and adding wheels are enough, but not Khalil. He wanted to make sure that he can enjoy his interior just as much as the rest of the car as he’s driving. In order to do that he’s added a Retro Momo steering wheel, a ZHP shift knob with a Z3M short shifter and a Wink Rearview Mirror to spice things up. Clean and classy is the name of the game, and he is definitely killing it. He’s told me that he has even more plans for the car in the works, and we here at JustStance could not be more excited. We’re really looking forward to seeing what else he comes up with.

2004 BMW 325i (E46)
Sport Package

Rogue Engineering DMS exhaust
Rokkor Tuning Coilovers
Clear turnsignals
All red tails
Black grills
OEM mtech2 custom front
M3 trunk lip
Retro Momo steering wheel
ZHP shift knob
Wink Rearview Mirror
Z3M short shifter

18″ BBS Style 5’s
Fronts: 18×8 et10 (10mm spacers) w/ 205/40 Nankangs
Rears: 18×9 et20 w/ 205/40 Nankangs
And illest sticker centercaps!

Photography by Matt Petrie
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  1. Tyler on said:

    Love this car, I’m on the same coils but I am running staggered lm’s. what size tire are you running on the rear?

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