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It was the end of Vu’s freshman year in college and he was looking for a new car to buy. Considering the fact that medical school was already determined for Vu after graduation, he needed something reliable and effective for the rough winters in Utah. After looking at a few choices, he decided on an 06 Subaru WRX. Initially, he just wanted to go stage two and make it a little more fun to drive. However, after going stage 2 he was hooked and wanted more.

He upgraded the turbo to a vf39 with supporting mods, making around 400whp and 400wtrq on a gt35r. By the end of this summer he plans to finish the engine and make well over 500whp. Of course he had to upgrade the tranny to an STI 6 speed in order to handle the extra amount of power. After seeing how his buddies car sat, he started to contemplate the idea of fitting it aggressively but keeping it functional.

Immediately, he got to work and picked up a set of Megan coilovers, maxed out the fronts and dropped the rears to match. “I have always loved deep dish rims” he says. That explains the 18×10 Works XD9’s all around. It was fitting the tires under the fenders where it became difficult because he did not want to stretch the tires. After pulling and shaving the inside rear fenders, he was able to get them to fit by dialing the camber to -4.6. You gotta pay to play, that is the name of this game.

Photography by Branden Chung & Peter Tran
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FMS Top Mount Intercooler
8mm Phenolic Spacers
Cobb Tuning Intake
950cc Deatschwerk Injectors
TGV Ported ATP GT35r
Cobb Catted Downpipe
Ebay Catback
Hybrid Boost Controller
Samco 3in inlet
Ebay Turbo Blanket
2007 STI 6-Speed Transmission
R180 Rear Diff STI drive shaft
Hybrid axles in the rear to fit the WRX
5×100 hubs Universal DCCD controller

ChargeSpeed Replica Front Lip
02-05WRX Side Skirts

Wheels and tires
18×10 + 38 Works XD9
15mm Ichiba v2 spacers in the rear 5mm spacers in the front
255/35-18 Federal SS-595 tires all around

Megan Street Coils
Rear Spec camber bolts

TurboXs Knock Light
ProSport Pyrometer
Autometer Boost Gauge
Autometer Oil Pressure
STI Gauge Cluster
DCCD Controller


  1. Crystal on said:

    I love your WRX, super clean!! I have been searching all over for Work wheels; it seems that in the states they’re close to impossible to find. Also, I don’t want to pay $500 for shipping from an overseas distributer. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you order your Works from?

    • Vu on said:

      Spacers are mandatory if you get +38… works make a
      +18 offset which wont need spacers. I have 255s on the wheels, and its really not a stretch at all.

    • Vu Tran on said:

      About 400whp and wtrq. Its been fine for over a year now. Its on a conservative tune at 18pi. Motor is going to be built as soon as I’m out of medical school… or at least till it blows. Which hopefully it doesn’t. 

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