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We get tons of feature requests and it is sometimes difficult to choose which cars will catch the attention of our fans, but this e30 today owned by Kyle Barnes was a no-brainer. If you have a list of your favorite modified classics, I’m pretty sure this e30 will be on your list after today.

Kyle stepped into the automotive scene four years ago and surprisingly,  it wasn’t a Euro he started out with, but a Honda Civic. After experiencing the chills of insane power and handling, Kyle was in the sport  of Time Attack for quite a long time, but after some personal issues he encountered, the ‘car’ scene lost his interest and went with a new genre of automotive, motorcycles.

But that didn’t go too long as well. When he found a deal on a car he wanted for a long time, he didn’t hesitate. It’s this beautiful e30 you guys see today, a car that not a lot of owners even decide to modify because of its age. However, this well-managed e30 is comparative to any Euros in its class or even other models .

If some cars are meant to be kept clean all the time, it’s a different story for classics like this e30. Some rust and imperfect spots are what makes this car stand out and unique. We definitely see the stance and a hint of crisp fenders, which makes this car a favorite to all.

Another unique mod from this e30 is the external oil cooler. Although we already love the car with its fitment and overall body work, Kyle wanted to exceed his expectations and went with an idea and the overall result came out flawlessly.

This official photo shoot was Kyle’s first feature and a new step into today’s automotive scene. I’m sure many of you guys will be excited to this see this ride in person, and you will very soon. In no time, Kyle’s e30 will get the fame it deserves.

Modifications – 1985 BMW 325e

Late model I transmission
Z4 short shifter with custom shift rod
I head
I intake manifold
I headers
I radiator
I gauge cluster
Custom external oil cooler
Custom MAF kit
Custom exhaust

Custom external oil cooler
Blacked out kidneys
Beauty marks

Wheels & Tires
ESM 002 16×9
Falken Azenis 215/45/16

Nrg suede steering wheel
Nrg quick release
Momo hub
Custom shifter
Rally mirror
Crappy seats

Ground Control coilovers
Front adjustable Konis (shortened struts)
Rear Konis
Ireland Engineering sway bars (22′ front 19′ back)
Vorschlag camber plates
New rear subframe and new bushings
All polyurethane bushings
M3 sway links
Late model axles

Photography by William Lee


  1. bobfairlane on said:

    Hahhaa. I bet it rides like a skateboard, with those crappy little wheels crammed under the wheelwells.

  2. I usually like the look of external coolers, but in this application it just looks plain wrong to me… and I can’t figure out why? Too much aeroquip running out to it I think or just the location. Rest of the car is on point though and E30’s are definitely ftw, so no disrespect meant, each to their own.

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