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How does it feel to get into your car, different from others by being stanced or hellaflush, and driving down the neighborhood or on the freeway when you know your car is sexy. I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy it and here’s a ride I would feel the same.

I’ve first met John, owner of today’s exclusive feature G35 Coupe, at Shakotan that was held in Fontana. It was awkward not knowing many people, so talking to John just happened. Obviously, I wanted to see his ride and I still remember as if it was yesterday. It’s not too easy to be perfectly stanced but John’s G was amazing. The drop and flushness was more than I expected when I observed it closely.

I always ask myself and probably you guys ask this question too, “how the hell can you drive when you’re so low?”
Well driving with John after The Chronicles meet and going over several bumps here and there to find a place to shoot, I gotta say it always works out when you go slow and driving in angles, which for all those stance guys, it becomes a habit.

John’s ride is in my top list of stanced G’s and I’m not hesitating or studdering at all. I’m saying this in confidence and I know you’ll say the same when you see the ride in person.

I like how John kept his ride simple and clean. A shaved trunk looks good on any car and it’s definitely looking sexy on this G.

If you guys haven’t noticed, these Varrstoen‘s are unique. It’s not a finish offered by Varrstoen, but by my good friends, Simple Wheel Werks. I don’t know the exact colors, but John told me there was a mix of more than 5 colors.

Sometime it’s worth to ride solo, but it’s even better when you’re in a team with the same cars but stanced. Team Shyne is a group of stanced G35 owners in SoCal and many car enthusiasts look up to them when it comes to wheel fitment.
John is also involved with group Project7 from Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx, another G35 crew and lastly, Pro Tuning Performance who did all the suspension work on John’s ride.

We took a huge risk by taking this shot. Right after I got off my car with my camera, there were cars behind John yelling “f*** you!”
I don’t give a dam because when I shoot cars, my professionalism strikes me and I don’t care what happens if it’s worth it. 😀

John has some major plans for his ride, such as new wheels, audio, etc., so make sure to check out JustStance again for an even better and sexier G and make sure to click on the photos located at the bottom for higher resolution.

Nismo Front
Impul Sides
Painted headlight lenses black
Grill painted black
Roof painted black

Stance GR+ Coilovers
Hotchkis Adjustable Swaybars
SPC Rear camber arms
SPL Rear differential mounts
SPL Compression rod bushings
SPL Lower Control arm bushings

ACT Protlite Flywheel and Street/Strip Clutch
Sprint Throttle Signal booster
Motordyne 5/16″ plenum spacer
Fujitsubo Legalis R Exhaust

Varrstoen 19×9.5 -10 & 19×10.5 -5
Project Kics spacers
235/35/19 & 255/35/19 tires


  1. OSSHWA on said:

    Ugh so dope! My first thought was that it was on air, but after seeing that it’s THAT dumped coilovers made me love it so much more!

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