Hawaiian Punch

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Hawaii, a tiny island state in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Hawaii is known for a lot of things: big surf, awesome girls in grass skirts, and really crazy cars. Yes that’s right, crazy cars! Hawaii has left its mark on the modified car map for sometime now and has really taken off with the stance scene. Lately everything from crazy V.I.P. styled GS300′s to bagged, yes bagged STI’s have been popping up on the Aloha state. Mark Taan and his Mazdaspeed 3 are helping that mark get a little bigger, this hatch is down right crazy! Fitting some of the biggest wheels I have seen on a Speed 3 and sporting some great engine modification this little wagon pretty much has it all.

Mark picked up his 2009 MazdaSpeed 3 in late 2008 and right away he started the changes. Before he even got his hands on the vehicle it already had a HKS blow off valve and a Injen cold air intake. Mark then starting planing out his next moves, this 2.5L engine would see a lot of changes as the days wore on. Taan opted for parts such as a HKS High powered exhaust, a Turbo XS FMIC, and a Cobb turbo inlet. The engine work did not stop there, Mark wanted to make sure when he drove the car is was to his liking. With that said, it was time to give the car a little make over in the form of low, stance, and a set of kicks that would make Kenny Powers want to ditch K-Swiss.

His’ thoughts went beyond the normal run of the mill 17 or 18 inch wheels. For his Speed 3 he wanted to do something outside of the box…..and the fenders apparently. Taan strapped a set of 19×9 and 19×10 Work VS-KF wheels to the hot hatch and then dumped it on BC Racing coilovers. To get the low he desired a Dominate Engineering rear camber kit was used, so the only thing he would have to sacrifice would be the rear tires.

The Speed 3 was now fitted and had enough go to make Mr. Monopoly think twice about collecting his $200. Mark decided to add some small touches to the interior and exterior to pull the look together. A GV front lip was added, and probably re-added considering the ride height lol. A set of Pro Sport premium gauges were added to the interior to make sure his boost was just right and to ensure proper oil pressure. It really takes a keen eye to recognize all the small things that will help pull a build together and it seems Mark found about everything he was looking for. Just Stance would like to thank Mark Taan for letting us take a look at his Speed 3, we are certainly looking for what’s next!

Injen CAI
COBB Turbo Inlet
Denso Iridium 1-step Colder plugs
JBarone Short Shift Plate
3in Catless DownPipe
3in HKS Hi-Power Catback Exhaust
Flex Innovations Gound Kit
HKS BOV/BPV (recirculated)
Spin-On Oil Filter Conversion kit
HyperTech Programmer

GV Front Lip / Spoiler Lip
NRG Universal Carbon Fiber Canards
Front / Rear Racing Stripes (Flat Black)
LED side/rear markers
Angel Eyes (8K HID Headlights/3K HID Fogs)

ProSport Premium Guages (A/F Ration, Oil Pressure, Boost)
JBarone Weighted Shift Knob
LED Interior Lights

Wheels & Tires
Works VS-KF’s in Burning Black
19×9 front / 19×10 rear
Front offset +38 w/ 15mm spacer
Rear offset +26 w/ 3mm spacer

BC Coilovers Type BR Ver. 2 (Non-Extreme Drop Package)
Dominant Engineering Rear Camber Kit

SMG (Sexii Munkii Garage)
JS4KIX Garage
EMP (Elite Mazda Performance)
Leeward Automotive Repair Inc.
Sai’s Autobody
WackToy Customs

Photography by Sean Perez
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