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Nathan bought his car early in 2010 without even seeing it through a broker who had it shipped from Tennessee. Prior to his purchase, he had already owned a MKIV 12V Jetta. Nathan says he fell in love with the MKV chassis and the customizable options available. Understanding how common the MKV platform has turned out to be, he was destined to attempt something different.

Nathan started with a cup kit before going on air and has owned numerous sets of wheels. Everything from BLQ’s, True AMG’s (that never saw the car), and a set of DPE’s. Eventually he picked up a set of Gotti’s from a local friend and sent them to get re-drilled to fit. He also had them powdercoated mirror bronze to change things a bit. It was the history behind these wheels that attracted Nathan the most. Unlike the 99% of the wheels we see today, Gotti’s are quite special. In Nathan’s own words, “Mine are Circa 1992 and were originally imported from France (I tracked down the PO twice over). They originally were 17×8 square and now sit 17×8/10. The rear lips (3″) were custom made (only 30 bolt holes).”

Nathan says that the HRDPRKR tag was actually an inside joke due to a lovely dent he got from owning the car the first few weeks. After $300 and a few days in the shop, things got sorted out but needless to say… rain, snow, or shine he says he chooses his parking spots very carefully.

Photography by Kevin Kauffman

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