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Jerome Cruz is a personal friend of mine and it is a big privilege to feature his car on our site. The thoughts and plans he has for this car can only be matched by the actual execution of them when it is all said and done. Having said that, let’s actually take a look at his MK3 Jetta as it stands at the present time. The color choice is the first thing that makes this car special. It is not just white, but a custom blue pearl color blend made by Omar Rodriguez (aka Mr. Dub Empire, aka Mr. Tilly’s man). Pictures can’t describe it, you have to see it in person in order to appreciate it.

Jerome’s daily is actually a slammed Honda fit, this Jetta happens to be his project car. A set of infamous 1988 Corvette wheels and coilovers were used to have it sit properly. It may not make much sense at first, but these wheels are quite popular within the dub scene and very few cars can pull them off this well. Adding to the clean appeal of the outside, Jerome also kept it fresh inside by adding a white Moco Moco steering wheel and a red headliner with accents.

Giving this car a subtle glance is a mistake. Honestly, every time I see it I find myself more in love with the look and style. A perfect example to prove that it is the little things that really matter and keeping it simple always works out.

Vehicle: 1996 VW Jetta GLS
Stock 2.0L

Candy white with blue pearl custom paint job
Joey mod headlights
Votex fog lights with combined city lights
Euro amber turn signals.

1988 Corvette wheels 16×8.5 et 25mm front 20mm rear wrapped in Falken 512’s
Motorsport-tech adapters

MK3 Jetta TREK seats
Moco Moco white pearl steering wheel
Red NRG short quick release and Sparco hub
Red soft silk headliner

V-Maxx coilovers

Sony Explode radio

Exclusive photography by Steven Martinez
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  1. RICHIE on said:

    hey mike i have 96 mk3 in black and keeping it simple. where can i get those  same clear votex fog light. 

  2. Dub_empire_fl on said:

    Lmao!!!! Tilly’s man. You crack me up yacht boy! Jerome did an awesome job with his first VW. Great pics and great write up.

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