Killing it with Copper

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Anthony has always been a fan of the automotive scene, he purchased his first car at the age of 14. It was a mint low miles s13 hatch, better days eventually led him to performing an SR swap and it became a peppy drifter. When he got bored of it, he sold it and bought a G35. His new focus steered him to bagging the G35, but the car never really hit home for him.

He stumbled across this S2000 the very next day he sold the G35. It was the preferred color of choice and it also had low miles, exactly what he was looking for. Immediately, he ordered a set of CCW’s and a suspension kit. After the Winter, Anthony started driving the car again on a daily basis but wasn’t really convinced on the final setup. Being a professional automotive painter at a body shop, he did his own bodywork by pulling and smoothing the fenders. He also took the time to clean the car up a bit and then painted it himself to finish it off.

The interior also undertook a slight overhaul with a set of new seats and some minor changes here and there. Trying to keep things fresh and instead of rocking the plain Jane polished CCW’s, he went with a wild Copper finish which instantly amazed him (and us). He has big plans for the future including a full shaved bay, a sound system, and perhaps even a full color change. Props to Anthony for making Copper look good!

Factory red base coat
PPG red pearl mid coat
PPG dc4000 clear coat
Full wet sand and polish
Pulled and shaved fenders and quarters
Shaved trunk key hole
Shaved hood squirters
Shaved bumpers front and rear
(toe hook covers, and plate holes)

Wheels and Tires
CCW LM20’s Polished lips and Copper plated centers
F18x11 – 4 inch lips and falken 912 (235 35 18)
R18x11.5 – 4.5 inch lips. falken 452 (245 35 18)
Project kics neo chrome lugs

BC Coilovers
Front cambers at -4.2 Rear cambers at – 5.5

Red seats
NRG quick release
Nardi 330mm wood grain wheel

Special thanks to Limitless Promo and those who have helped.

Photography by Steve Florio
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