M Forty-Five

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Guillermo from Texas originally comes from the Honda scene and he always felt the need to own an M45 in his lifetime. After he purchased the car, he bought a bike and set his M45 goals aside for about two years. He says his real motives for putting together this build was to put Arlington on the map. “The stance scene is uprising quick as we know it, and there’s always someone doing it right deep deep in the suburbs like Arlington, TX”.

We have featured many Infiniti’s on our site, but never an M45. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of these cars is uncompromisable luxury and you definitely get that and much more. However, Guillermo went the extra mile with a set of 20″ VIP Modular VR01 wheels and Universal Air Suspension. You have to love the OEM aero kit, this is what gives this car such a defining and beautiful shape when it’s slammed.

OEM Aero Kit
Puddle Lights

Wheels & Tires
20″ VIP Modular VR01
General Exclaim Tires

Peanut Butter Interior
Junction Produce
-Neck Pads
-Hip Pad

Universal Air Suspension

Photography by Ben Su


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