Miller Time

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I have met very few enthusiasts like Alan Miller, predominantly because he delivers a level of commitment to his car that is practically unmatchable. In the short time we have known each other, I have felt his passion for everything he does. As a matter of fact, recently he posted this photo on his facebook page and I knew immediately I had to share it. It was the perfect representation of what he’s all about.

The car itself is breathtaking, and when we learned one of our favorite photographers (Evoked Photography) was involved in the photo-shoot we were ecstatic. Everything, and I mean everything, is to love about this car. Alan hasn’t spared a dime building it, and I really like the fact that he has diverged off the typical setups out there and brought his own flavor into the equation. There’s nothing like standing out from the crowd and keeping things fresh.

Now, don’t let it fool you into thinking Alan hard parks his car, this cat gets a good beating every so often. Take a look at the mod list and you will agree it sounds rather peppy. However, what settled it for me was the interior. The first time I saw the interior shots, I was in love. These BRIDE seats are impressive, and after a long boring day at work who wouldn’t love getting inside this beast and harnessing up on your way home.

EFI Logics
Special thanks to PAPA Customs

EFI Logics Tune
EFI Logics Custom 73mm MAF
EFI Logics Custom EWG Dump
Greddy TIC Catback
PERRIN Rotated Downpipe
PERRIN EL Header Walbro 255 pump
Grimmspeed EBCS DW 850cc Injectors/1300cc

Chargespeed T-2 carbon bottom-line kit (not installed, still rocking old kit)
Carbon OEM spoiler
Project µ lugs
Project µ B-Force pads
Project µ SCR Rotors
Overlay Tails 35% tint all around

Wheels & Tires
ADVAN TCIII wheels 18×10+35
NSII Tyres 275/35/18

BC Racing BR series Coilovers
MR rear lower control arms
MR rear tow arms

NRG Neo Chrome knob
BRIDE Stradia Maziora edition w/Andromeda backs
BRIDE brackets/sliders
BRIDE optional gradiation center pads
Takata Harness
Defi Boost Gauge

Photography by Evoked Photography
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