Mission Impossible

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Facebook feature #1 | Photography by Adam Osborne & words by owner Ricky Miller

I have never been a fan of following the crowd in terms of car modifications, always had my own idea of how I wanted my cars to look. In fact, every BMW I have owned to date has been featured in a magazine so I thought I must be doing something right.

I always had this concept in my mind but finding the wheels and a suitable suspension would prove to be very difficult. After four years, I finally found a set of Genuine AC Schnitzer type 2’s with the correct widths and offsets. Following on from this I knew if I wanted the car to look perfect I had to go really low. I already owned a set of BC Racing Coilovers fitted to the car, so I decided to wind them down as far as possible to see what it would look like. Unfortunately, I ended up needing arch work and it was very impractical to drive that low.

I considered air suspension at one point until I was challenged to tryout something perhaps more unique, hydraulic suspension. Upon contacting several recognized hydraulic manufacturers they said it would not work for this platform and persuaded me instead to go on air. I strongly refused; my engi neering degree encouraged me to contact modifying legend here in Northern Ireland, John Peden. John started to work on the arches until it was decided what could be done with the suspen sion. A week later I decided to continue with the project and gave John the go to order the kit, optimistic we could make it fit.

Approximately five weeks later, John finally managed to make it work perfect with an enormous amount of modifications and late nights. A major part of the build had been completed.

Vehicle Information: 2002 BMW 330ci sport
Modifications & Specs: E46 330ci sport 
Genuine AC Schnitzer Mirrors
Rayvern Hydraulic Suspension kit- Custom fitting and brackets and shocks. 
BC Racing BR Series top mounts modified to suit hydraulics
18″ Genuine AC Schnitzer type 2’s et 15 and et 22. Federal tyres 225/35/18s all round. stretched rears to fit inside arches
K&N closed air intake with heatshield and pipework
LED Rears
LED Licence Plate lights
Smoked Depo Corners
Carbon fibre front grills, splitters, Carbon interior trim, Carbon fibre bmw badges
Hartge back box with custom stainless steeel cat back section
Arches rolled and flared
UUC clutch
Clutch Delay Valve removed
Custom stainless steel manifold
Custom remap
Standard audio with iPod connection

Mission Impossible


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