Mr. 300

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Sean Kim from Hawaii brings us this delightful IS300. Lately, this island state has sent over some of the cleanest rides I have seen. From bagged STI’s to slammed Mazdaspeed 3s, Hawaii has shown it has way more to offer than awesome surf and grass skirts. Since his high school years, Sean dreamed of owning one of these cars and it wasn’t long ago that his dream became reality.

So after buying the car, Sean had time to plan out what he wanted to do with it. With the help of some friends he started to visualize what he wanted to accomplish. The outside of the car was accented with some TRD  parts and slight but detailed body work. He also matched the eye lids to help set off the look on the headlights while still keeping it classy. So next up was achieving the proper stance, and so he decided on an air ride suspension courtesy of Air Runner. However, what really sets this car off nicely are the Leon Hardiritt Orden Wheels, they look spectacular! Sean then added a little more style to his trunk set up, settling on an air brushed tank and having it molded into the trunk itself!

AEM intake

Rolled fenders
TRD replica lip kit
TRD tunk lip spoiler
TRD grill
Painted body color wind visors
Shaved side moldings
Led tails
Wings west eye lids

Airruner with custom molded and airbrushed tank

Leon Hardiritt Orden Wheels & Works T1S
F19x9.5 w/215/35/19
R 19×10 w/225/35/19

Pioneer double dim touch screen 6 disk

Special thanks: Gary (JS4kix), Brannan (X-Seed Autowerks), Samson(Revision Audio), the Revision team for the support, my family, and God.

Photography by Sean Perez
(Pics of 2 different sets of wheels for your enjoyment)

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    My name is Brian and I’d like to speak with you about your blog, please email
    me at your earliest convenience. 

  2. Llamaboiz on said:

    There are sporty cars and there are sexy cars, this is easily the sexiest IS300 i’ve ever seen.

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