Nearly Impossible!

Written by : Posted on April 4, 2011 : 9 Comments

Ilham Nuriadi has been shooting some of the most amazing cars of Indonesia for us since we started our site nearly one year ago. After we lost contact for a few months, we got back on track last week. He said he would send me some images of a very interesting car that belonged to a friend of his. Next day I receive his email and to my surprise it was this! An 09 Yaris on a set of Work Meister’s with a killer fitment. If you don’t believe me, how does 18×9.5 & 18×10.5 sound? Honestly, I didn’t even think this was doable on an application this size. The idea of seeing a Yaris that looked this fresh had not even crossed my mind. Faisal Hendianto happens to be the brave owner of this Yaris, and he say’s he didn’t want to pass up an opportunity of getting a set of sick wheels at a good price. He took his chances without knowing if they would fit, and managed to make it work (with some slight scars of course lol). I think he’s made quite a statement here, go big or go home!

It sucks to roll hard!

Photography by Ilham Nuriadi


  1. Jimsmith on said:

    “I didn’t even think this was doable on an application this size…” – well apparently its not. Nice bacon fender in the rear. Don’t get me wrong, car still looks awesome but ruining your fenders and riding on tire for the sake of a look is just silly.

  2. Jon Slesser on said:

    looks good but why bother as you can clearly see the tyrewall and wheel lip is damaging the car… pointless much?????

  3. Sixto on said:

    too much imo, i mean he could went nuts with those sizes but on 17’s , 16’s would be dopee still clean car nonetheless

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