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The Honda Civic has left many with a bad taste in their mouth. While there are a handful of exceptionally clean builds, for the most part it is recognized as the most riced out of any platform. The good news is this stigma may be slowly fading away. Fortunately, there is a new breed of Civic enthusiasts that understand the principles of building nice clean cars. I know many of you already chose sides on this debate, and probably nothing will ever change that. However, having been on both sides of the turf, I think with a little open mind we can eventually learn to leap that hurdle and appreciate every type of car in their own way.

I thought it was crucial to mention all this. Sometimes it frustrates me a bit when I hear a platform not getting the respect it truly deserves, and this car is a perfect example of what I mean. Seriously, look at this car, it is practically as clean as it gets. It is a perfect execution of suspension, wheels, and tasteful mods. Everything from the drop, fitment, and selection of wheels is on point. If you are a Honda enthusiast in this scene, this car should make you proud. In all honesty, I think it looks dope!

Special thanks to Jeff Littlefield and the folks at I<3DRIVINGSLOW for sharing this feature with us.

Hondata Flashpro
Fujita Short Ram
Kidd Racing Header
Proven Power customer 3” exhaust

HFP Front Lip
HFP Side Skirts
HFP Rear Lip
Red Tail light overlay
Weathertech Window Visors
Retrofitted headlights (e46 shrouds with Acura TSX projectors)
5000k HIDS for headlight and fogs
I<3DRIVINGSLOW plate frame :)

Wheels & Tires
Project Kics R40 Lug Nuts
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
18×9 +22 Works VS-XX with 215/35/18 Nitto NeoGens

TWM Stage 2 short shifter
Circuit Hero Counter Sunk weighted shift knob
L.E.D. Interior dome and map lights
Black JDM “H” Steering Wheel Emblem

Buddy Club N+ Coilovers
Skunk2 Camber Arms
SPC Front Camber Bolts


Photography by Jeff Littlefield
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