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Joe grew up in Japan surrounded by the VIP scene and Skyline GTR’s. His passion for the fitment scene are the inspiration behind his Honda Accord. The car came as an early graduation gift and Joe immediately started to work on it. Unfortunately, he experienced a few snags along the way when his jack slipped and dented up the right rocker panel. Then, a lady hit his car from behind and destroyed his bumper. However, despite the unforeseen setbacks, nothing prevented him from getting it all done. His perseverance prevailed and personally, I think it looks great.

Full HFP Body Kit
Chrome Door Handles
M3 Roof Spoiler
OEM Lip Spoiler
Debadged Rear

Clazzio Seat Covers
Junction Produce Accessories

DDM 35W 6000K HID Kit
Trend Gear Fog Lights
Amber Reflector Delete

Wheels Tires:
Work Schwert SC-2
20×10+7 (W/ 5mm Spacer)
Nankang NS-II

Megan EZ Sreet Coilovers
SPC 3-Arm Camber Kit

Photography by Xavier Beso
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