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Having owned 9 cars by the age of 19, Jason has already earned his experience in the automotive world. Now he owns probably one of the classiest E36 M3’s in the scene. Jason has done a nice job of putting together something that isn’t exactly extreme, but just works and looks good. Of course, it’s probably the polished CCW’s that practically look good on any platform but if you’re a fan of wide wheels, oh boy… are you in for a surprise. Right up front they measure 17” x 10” and in the rear a crazy 17” x 12”.

What’s even more interesting about his entire setup is that these wheels were originally mounted on a 1997 Mustang Cobra and his pops sold the Cobra and had them laying around. Doubting the possibilities that it might work on the M3, he went ahead and purchased a set of 5×120 adapters in order to make them fit. In the end what you get is a killer looking mixture of style and old school flavor only an M3 can offer.

K&N short ram intake
Catback exhaust

Euro corner lights/side lights/tail lights
Color matched door handles and rub strips
Front valance/rear diffuser
Widened rear quarter panels.

Wheels & Tires
F17″ x 10″ & R17″ x 12″ OG CCW classics

330mm Nardi with NRG quick release

D2 coilovers fronts didnt go as low as i liked so ran a smaller springs

Photography by Tyler Milkovitz
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  1. Moviing East on said:

    the first sentence of this post makes me want to punch myself in the face. proof reading dudes, proof reasing

  2. Jon on said:

    Pretty hot, but I personally prefer Mike Burrough’s E36.

    Not hating, this is a beautiful E36 none the less. Props to the owner.

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