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Redemption is the act of redeeming oneself. When something happens where a person seeks redemption their satisfaction can only be achieved once they gain this saving. For Michael Wood his road to redemption began one day while he was at work. Mike owned a MKIV GTI that he had been working on for the last few years and at its untimely end was sporting a big turbo set up, a five speed transmission swap, and a proper stance with BBS LM reps. An un-lucky smash to the front of the MKIV landed the vehicle at Euro Performance Repair in Vero Beach, Florida. This would be the last shop the car would ever see. The frame was bent, the oil pan was crushed, and the car was totaled. It left him with a check from his insurance company and a pile of aftermarket parts to sell. Woody, as he is known by his friends, did the only thing he could do and bought a new car.

Woody went to town searching and found himself a 2009 United Gray GTI MKV. He knew it was time to get to work right away, and he did. Selling the big turbo kit, the R bumpers, and the air ride set up from his destroyed MKIV Woody was able to pick up some well thought parts. He bought a new Air Lift air ride set up for the MKV and after the vehicle was planted on the ground, he decided LM reps were not going to cut it and instead decided to work with the wheel master’s themselves from The simple but awesome choice was made to go with a set of BBS RS wheels. Leaving the haters and comments alone, Woody went with it. Setting the GTI up on 17×8.5 and 17×9 with Falken tires the GTI was sitting low and looking clean. Now it was time to visit a more familiar area, the engine bay.

This time around the big turbo was not purchased…..for the time being at least. The engine had a few simple upgrades made to increase the pep in this stanced car’s step. Woody added a BSH intake, a Forge oil catch can, 3” Euro Customs catless downpipe, ATP diverter valve block off plate, HKS ssqv, and an EA pipe delete. So now with the engine changed up a little, a Votex front lip and a frame notch were done so the GTI would have a nice and close relationship with the pavement when it laid out. The inside of the car was kept conservative by simply introducing a digital gauge for the air ride and a New South Performance boost gauge.

JustStance would like to give a big thanks to Michael Woody for letting us see the first stop on his road of redemption. We are looking forward to seeing more from this GTI.

BSH Intake
Forge oil catch can
3” EuroCustoms catless downpipe
ATP Diverter valve block off plate
HKS ssqv mounted on tb pipe
EA pipe deleted.

Votex lip
Smoked repeater and corner lights
Rolled/pulled fenders
6500k hids
Tinted taillights

Wheels & Tires
BBS RS 17×8.5 et28.5 & 17×9 et22. 205/45 falken 512 tires

Forge big knob
Newsouth performance boost gauge w/vent mount pod
“Minty” europlate and black ice little tree air fresheners

Airlift Slam XL front struts
Airlift XL rear bag kit
Custom digital management

Photography by Steven Martinez


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