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Not many cars will find themselves to be so well recognized and respected in the scene like Rusty Slammington. Besides a humorous last name (that he’s very proud of showing off) he’s got his own facebook fan page with more fans than your hottest school cheerleader. He is an international recognized celebrity in today’s scene. Not only for making huge comebacks after several accidents that left him in the verge of visiting an automotive morgue, but also for courageously building on a reputation that will always be remembered.

The architect behind “Rusty” is Mike Burroughs, a young automotive enthusiast who has always had the passion for modifying his cars. In his own words “As far as “getting into the scene”, that’s another story for another day. It’s been a long road to get to where I’m at today as far as my personal tastes in automotive modification.” The entire build of Rusty would not fit in this page (but there’s a link below to his build thread) because of the amount of detailed modifications that it has undergone to get to this point.

The story of Rusty is a lot more than a fully rusted out 1985 BMW 535i sitting on 24k gold plated Ronal’s and air suspension. It’s also about triumph, perseverance, and resurgence. During each of the many phases of Rusty’s build (some of them featured on popular magazines), Mike & Rusty faced extremely difficult situations including getting hit by a semi which nearly put Rusty out of commission for good. However, Mike persisted bringing him back from flatline and started back from scratch, the next phase of reconstruction for Rusty would not only be impressive, but never thought possible.

So after successfully swapping a 1JZ-GTE twin turbo inline six from a Toyota Chaser, Mike hit the drawing board again and started linking the pieces to an epic build that has taken him to a whole new dimension. After some custom cutting here and there, he managed to get Rusty on BagYard/Open Road Tuning air suspension setup. Now, this is Mike B, and when he envisions something he gets it done regardless the complexity or high chances of failing. So he wasn’t exactly satisfied yet, and the entire interior started to come off piece by piece. With the help of his close friend Chuck, they started chopping off the roofline and deleted off the sunroof. To make his return to the spotlight, Mike decided Rusty needed a set of wheels that were completely unique to him. Brian, from Rotiform, contacted Burroughs and mentioned to him that he had a set of wheels that would fit his build perfectly. There was a problem, they were 16’s, and Mike was fixed on the idea of rocking 17’s… during this time and with the help of Brian, they refinished and up-stepped the only set of 17″ 24k gold plated Ronal Racing Splits ever made.

The legend was reborn, and whether you love it or hate it… it’s unquestionable the originality behind Rusty is beyond the imaginable. This car has made more history in the last 3 years with Mike, than its 25 years of existence. Rusty is the best representation of what we all love to do. It’s the passion and resilience of a true aficionado that has overcome every obstacle in his way and has built one of the most fascinating automobiles in today’s stance movement. We are more than honored for the opportunity of this Feature Evaluation and our only wish is that Rusty may continue to inspire enthusiasts all across the world. May they look within themselves and find a distinction that may set them apart. May they ignore the criticism surrounding them, and may they build their own legends.

Rusty’s entire build thread on StanceWorks

Toyota 1JZ-GTE twin turbo inline six from a Toyota Chaser
W58 5-speed transmission, Exedy clutch, Fidanza 12lb flywheel, custom one-piece driveshaft
Factory Toyota ECU, wiring by Handsome Garage
15gal Fuel cell, Walbro 255 fuel pump, re-routed fuel system
No exhaust

Paint delete mod
5″ chopped roofline, 13″ extension, 4″ width section, sunroof delete
Lexan windows
Pulled fenders
Euro front end
“iS” spoiler

Wheels & Tires
17×9 et-10
17×11 et-10
Ronal Racing Splits, magnesium centers, 24k gold plated
Rotiform Refinished, up-stepped to the only set of 17″s (originally 16″ wheels)
215/40 Nitto NT555s and 245/40 Eagles.

Sheet metal dash
Boeing control panel, all switches functional
Dropped steering wheel for visual clearance
Custom set of aircraft seats
One gauge- air pressure

BagYard/Open Road Tuning air suspension
Front struts shortened 1″
Custom fabricated front strut mounts, top-mounted bearings for extra drop
Rear strut towers raised 4″, widened 2″ for bag clearance, custom strut mounts, cross braced
Front frame rails notched
Inner fender bracing removed
Fender liners removed
Rear fender wells cut out entirely, tires exposed in the trunk
Door sills, inner door, rear seat panels cut out/removed for tire clearance
Rear body notched for control arm/brake line clearance
Spare tire well and gas tank removed for more drop
Other misc. mods for more drop
4-valve system, manual control

Bubble gum air freshener from ORT

Photography by Michael Burroughs
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