S2K Done Wright

Written by : Posted on July 28, 2011 : 30 Comments

We’ve featured numerous S2000s, not just ordinary fitted ones that might be somewhat of an amusement to the stance scene, but slammed to the point where finding a gap between the tires and fenders were almost impossible. We can say that many of those who were interested in hellaflush were inspired by fitted S2ks and the owner of this S2k was one of those guys inspired by the looks and fitment of one. Previously driving a Honda Civic, his love for a S2000 grew so much his decision to sell his car happened sooner than expected and in a matter of days, his dream came true.

Let me introduce you to Luigi’s White S2000. I’ve personally known Luigi since AutoCon and have been talking to him constantly about his ride and wheels. What seemed to happen soon actually got delayed because of the recent incident in Japan, but his patience led him to a set that no one else could have imagined.

We all know along with the stance are wheels. Before even purchasing this S2000, Luigi ordered a custom BBS LM set from Japan, but that wasn’t just enough. Trying to be unique instead of following the same trend, upon the arrival of BBSs, he sent them directly to a wheel company located in Santa Fe Springs, CA called Wright Wheels. This company is pretty new, starting their business this year of May, but the owner’s reputation, Ralph Wright, was enormous in the scene. His feature on Super Street brought him fame and after a few years later, he opened up his own shop to share his passion and service on wheels.

If you didn’t know, BBS LMs come in 2-piece structure. Sam Kang, a staff from Wright-Wheels, was the mastermind in making these BBS LMs into 3-piece structure. Fitted under the fenders of Luigi’s S2000 are 17×10 +20 Rear and 17×10 +25 Front BBS LMs in 3 piece, but there’s something to it that I can’t really share with you guys. However, just know that putting these wheels together took a lot of thought and work to make it happen.

Some of you guys might dislike the look of its current stance, but Luigi took a route that was a bit different. Instead of a direct fender to lip, this stance is more of a stretched tire to fender. Too much poke? well look at the license plate, “Hater Gonna Hate”.

Good to see a friend back into the scene. You’ll be seeing much more on Luigi’s ride in a few weeks. If you want to see its progress, come out to the meets/events here in SoCal. You won’t be disappointed.

BBS LMs (3-piece) 17×10 +20 R & 17×10 +25 F

8k HIDs
Alloy Crafts Fully Polished Cooling Plate
Blox NeoChrome 490 Shift Knob
V1 Radar

Photography by William Lee
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  3. jonjon on said:

    yeee this my nikka right here =] way back to the youngyin days
    good job man u accomplished what u set out for with all ur saving and hard work

  4. Mau on said:

    Don’t know if you were being funny by quoting Blades of Glory, or you just really think “mind bottling” is a proper term. Nice S2K though.

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