Slammed Out

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We get tons of submissions weekly and for the last few months we have seen a steady increase of them coming from Hawaii. The Aloha state may be recognized for other historical facts, but in this community, it is gaining wide respect for putting together some real clean builds. If you happen to be a fan of VIP cars, check out Dustin’s 2003 Lexus GS300 on air suspension… doing it right!

Mode parfume axle back exhaust

Mode parfume body kit
M45 projector retrofit
Junction Produce grille

Altstadt w150 20×10 & 20×11

Airrunner air suspension
Dakota digital controller
Remote control
Airrunner valves
Nagisa auto suspension arms (all of them)

Mode parfume neck pad and cushion
Aristo black wood conversion
USDM sport design black wood ashtray and console
Gungrip steering wheel and shiftknob

Alpine double din
Alpine type x components
Alpine pdx amps
Alpine bluetooth
Alpine headrest monitors

Videography by Timmy Bantolina

Photography by Timmy Bantolina
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  1. slophead on said:

    That is just sex! Yeah I went to Hawaii for spring break last night having no idea that it had such a great car community. I saw at least 3-5 clean rides every day I was there, and I was there for a week. The vast majority were Civics, especially ef hatches, but there was some good variety.

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