Throwing a Fit

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It’s not often than I come across a Honda Fit that I go “UUNNFFFF” over. Usually I see them being driven around my area by college students or financially responsible people who are looking to save on gas. When I came across this one, I knew it was special and had to share some of her recent shots with the world.

Danyelle, out of Eugene Oregon, has modded her Honda Fit to be a show stopper and a super reliable daily driver. Some of the first things you might notice about her car is the abundance of Mugen parts. Everywhere you look you see something new stamped with the Mugen logo. The car is sitting pretty on fully polished Mugen M7s (17×8/17×9 with Falken RT615k’s) and Buddy club n+ coilovers to make sure she’s sitting low and practical.

To accompany the already massive list of add-ons, Danyelle has added a Seibon duck bill spoiler, JDM tail lights and JDM rear bumper to spice up the rear end. This isn’t Danyelle’s first time around in the Honda scene, though. Her family was always big into muscle cars and she embraced the lifestyle and decided that when she was old enough she would begin to build cars as well. Her love for Honda’s began at age 15,  when she purchased a 93 Civic Hatch and it has only grown stronger since then.

Her decision for a Fit was a big one, especially after building a few “race” prepped cars in the past. A friend of hers showed her a picture of theirs on Facebook, and that was that. She searched high and low to find the right one and eventually drove out to San Francisco and picked up her current gem.

You might be saying to yourself…man, those M7’s look fresh. Well, it’s because they are HellaCustom. Danyelle searched for a couple of months until she finally found a 4×100 set that was in good condition. Literally, the day after UPS dropped them off to her, she sent them off to be made into 17×8/17×9. We always love to hear these type of stories of people who dare to be different and want to stand out from the crowd. Great job, Danyelle. Keep up the good work!

JDM front end
Mugen Sport S+Plus Aero kit
Mugen Grill
JDM rear bumper
JDM tail lights
JDM mirrors
Mugen window visors
Seibon duck bill
Mugen M7s 17×8/17×9 fully polished with Falken RT615k 205/17/40s and 215/17/40s
Mugen shift knob, pedals, shift boot and brake boot
JDM center console and roof console
Buddy club n+ coil overs
Gtspec trunk cage

Phototography by Sam Piva
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