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The satisfaction of building a project with friends is enjoyable, but building one with your father is beyond extraordinary. Sharing the automotive passion with someone that is close to you is not only exciting but also something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Elvin from Seattle, WA knows exactly what we are talking about because he has experienced it firsthand. At the young age of 18 he owns one of the sexiest Corolla Trueno’s we’ve laid eyes on and he thanks his father for the teamwork and support.

For about two months now we’ve been working hard to bring you this feature, primarily because how stunning this Trueno looks and also how this story unfolds. The car was built with the pure intentions to restore and the addition of some flavorful parts here and there. Elvin says he started the project after acquiring a job and it took him approximately a year to get it all done, sourcing and importing parts from all around the world. Some unforeseen issues were encountered and resolved along the way thanks to the help of some friends. The final cost of the project was about $15,000, quite a hefty price tag. He says sometimes people can’t believe it’s his because how amazing it looks.

What’s not to like about this car, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The entire project has been challenging, costly, and time consuming. However, Elvin and his dad have done a remarkable job of putting together a classy and appealing build that we can all appreciate.

4age Redtop High Compression 7 ribs
Intake: 20v Blacktop Individual throttle bodies
Exhaust Manifold:new Trd Headers with Hks Sport Exhaust
Trd High tension wires (mesh edition)
MegaSquirt Ecu
JDM itb velocity stacks
T3 test pipe
T3 air box
T3 itb manifold
Jubiride velocity stack screen
C’s short shifter

OEM JDM Zenki front bumper
OEM Zenki signal lights
OEM JDM Zenki front bumper brackets
OEM JDM rear Kouki bumper
OEM JDM rear Kouki bumper brackets
OEM JDM Kouki rear mudflaps
OEM JDM sideskirts
OEM short metal rain visors
OEM rear JDM rain visor
OEM JDM gtv decals
JDM Zenki front lip
JDM Zenki trueno badge
JDM toe hook
JDM Zenki grill
JDM Zenki sprinter tail light
JDM Kouki smoked corner lights
JDM Kouki headlight cover
TRD banner sticker
RX7 fc aero mirrors
Solex lock set
Trueno-gtv decals in the rear

Wheels & Tires
Watanabe Type R 14×8 -6 and Watanabe Type R 14×8.5 -13
225/40/14 all around
Tuner lug nuts

Blue toms wheel w/Toms horn button
JDM Zenki gauge
Toms racing pedal
TRD shift knob
Willans 2 pt harness
Nardi hub
JDM trueno sun shade

Front JDM coilovers one peice
Adjustable camber plates
T3 adjustable rear coilovers
Replacement polyurethane bushing in front and rear sway bar, end links
T3 panhard bar
T3 rca

Brembo brake disks
Hawk ceramic performance brake pad
TRD radiator cap
TRD oil cap
D’s garage one piece strut bar
Steel braid brake lines and clutch line
DDM tunning hid 5k
Cibie h4 conversion headlight housing
Pioneer stereo with bluetooth capability

Photography by Vinnie Nguyen
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  1. kay zaki wong on said:

    I felt in love with your car mate, best AE86 ever built period. It motivates me to hard for my AE82 sedan thanks mate cheers!

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