Simply Blue.

Written by : Posted on August 6, 2010 : 5 Comments

This one comes from Northern Ireland, Toph’s your average vdub enthusiast who just happens to keep staying in the game. Recently, he sold his sick red Corrado (we’ll be getting to that one later on) and picked up this blue MK3. However, he couldn’t resists seeing it this way and with just a few simple additions he perfected this beautiful MK3 even further by dropping it with a set of Borbet A’s 16×7.5 up front on 195/40/16 and 16×9 on rear on 195/45/16. We’re told there’s new additions in place as we speak including a new paint job coming soon for the upcoming Edition X. Just a good example that sometimes simple is good.

Drilled airbox with Pipercross panel filter
Standard system but with CAT removed

Fronts cambered for additional tuck

Colour Concept blue and black leather
heated Recaro’s up front
Momo Team 300mm steering wheel
Brushed alloy gear stick

Rear arches rolled
VR6 smoked taillights
Smoked side repeaters
OEM VR6 splitter


  1. Sorry guys you have the wrong end of the stick, Toph knows better than anyone that this is bought not built.

    to be fair I think the write up is worded a bit wrong to make it sound like the mods where his, I will get it amended accordingly,

    he definitely isn’t taking credit for anyone else’s hard work and effort, that’s not his style.

    Sorry for any temporary hard feelings.


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