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I have seen almost everything done, from Honda’s to Kia’s every car has potential. When most people think of a Ford, they think of either a Mustang or a truck of some sort. This being said, when most people think of modifying a car they assume it is a dude, there’s no way a girl could ever modify a car……right? Wrong! To be honest, the more sensible sex has been modifying their cars as long as man and in a lot of cases they do it better. Something along the lines of matching colors goes a long way in the car scene too! Armanda Zukic owns this Ford Focus and has done every single modification to it.

I love this car and seeing a Focus done right is something rare. Armanda has taken a lot of cues from the European and SVT model and rolled them into her car. Choosing to think outside the box of the typical fitment on a smaller hatch, she attacked the fenders and really didn’t have mercy on them. Settling on a set of Mustang Cobra reps, the wheels are a 17×9 all around with a final offset of +20. Armanda then took a set of Falken 512 tires, 205/40’s to be exact and stretch them over the wide-set wheels.  The pictures do not do this Focus justice, because watching this vehicle roll on the streets is a real treat. Just Stance would like to thank Armanda for her cooperation and sick whip.

FSWerks Stealth 2.25″ exhaust
AEM Short ram Intake
Early Contour Valve Cover

SVT Front bumper with custom shaved turn blinkers
SVT Rear bumper
Upper European Grille
RS Rear Wing
SVT Headlights
Color matched side moldings and rear hatch strip
European Focus OEM roof rack w/ Thule accessories
Independent fog light mod

Wheels & Tires
Cobra R Reps 17×9 +20 all around
Falken 512 205/40
Fatlace Valve Stem Covers

Raceland Coilovers
Dominanteng Front Lower Control Arms
Dominanteng Rear Camber Arms
Dominanteng Rear Toe Arms
Energy Suspension rear sway bar end links

Alpine Headunit

Photos Courtesy of Derek Wheeler
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  1. Devon on said:

    Honestly a great looking car, minor work could be done to the shaved turn signals and removal of the mud flaps in the rear. they disrupt the flow of lines from skirt to rear. No hating just my 2cents. But i was told a 17×8 et20 would be hard to get to sit right under my focus (zx3 2.3) but a 9 looks to fit with yes camber and lots of it but not an unreasonable amount. id imagine with an 8 even less. boost my motivation to do what i really want to do mine!

  2. Nicko Norman on said:

    I like this car. Very clean. Haters gonna hate and what can I say? Keep up the good work Mike!

  3. Blackbrandon! on said:

    I personally know the girl and she has her OWN shit and now shes building a White S2k. Fuck youuu haters. 

  4. Facebookcreepingjeepin on said:

    this car is wack. get it off the front page for christ sake.

    what kind of STANCE site is this.. LMAO FAIL

    canibeat is much better then you tools

  5. Guest on said:

    “Has done every modification to it”  LOL….You mean her friends did.  Also helps when Mommy and Daddy are helping pay for the parts/car as well as getting nice discounts on parts from Dom Engineering.  She copied the wheel setup/specs off someone who already did it so zero thought was put into that.  Also she didn’t know what backspacing even was to give you an idea of how much she really knows about cars.  She is a firm believer in  adding toe to the front suspension and ask to see the hack job done on her sturt towers…haha.  Car is really deserving of a feature.

    • Mike Meszaros on said:

      wow….well your just a fine hater now huh? Truth is your such a truth speaker you won’t even post your name up to get an idea on who is doing the hating. If you have a comment on the article that is relevant to the car feel free to share it, if you want to talk smack carry on to another site. 

      -thanks, your friendly hater-aide patrol

    • Tinkab15 on said:

       haha if you only knew!!  she has bigger balls then you fag ive helped her do mods to her car she knows more about cars then you? and coppied wheel specs? thats not hard to do when she brought the same wheels that someone else had  but she put them on a  zx3  the other guy has them on a 09 focus  shows how much you Dont know

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