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From the first time I spoke with Jeremy, I noticed he was a little different from your average tuner. He’s never really been about the “bells and whistles” but more about the little things that he can adjust on his rides. I first met him many years ago when he was heavily into the Volvo scene. He drove a white 855 wagon on some super aggressive Mercedes wheels and everyone (including myself) thought he was nuts. Over the years I’ve seen the scene change and people go overboard on their projects…but not Jeremy. There’s been nothing but clean, well planned, OEM+ vehicles to come from him and his newest project is no different.

Chances are you’ve never seen a Jag this low, which was Jeremy’s same thought when he slapped the Jaguar community in the face with the install of his Chassis Tech air suspension on his 2004 Jaguar X-Type. He’s also put the car on numerous sets of wheels such as Porsche Cayenne’s and 20″ Modular wheels, but his most recent set has to be my favorite. They are OEM 18×8.5 Jaguar Cygnus Wheels with a stock offset of et49. Since the offsets on Jaguars aren’t what most of us are used to, he finalized the spacing with 5mm spacers up front and 20mm rears. For most of his wheel selections he uses Motorsport-tech for adapters, a machining company which creates completely custom adapters and hub rings.

Jeremy has always been about the “Less is More” philosophy, which is why you’ll find numerous XJR bits and even an Acer AspireOne Car PC running Windows 7. He likes to keep things clean and as OEM+ as possible, which is a breath of fresh air sometimes after seeing much of the same thing around the scene today.

Now that things have warmed up, I’m hoping that we can get a photographer out to take some new shots of his car. It would be nice to see it all laid out and soaking up some rays while we get it some more camera attention.

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