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$10.00 $5.00

Stay Classy and freshen up with our beater shades. Very sturdy quality plastic with UV protection, available in many different colors… get them all!

Please note the actual design and colors may vary. Picture is a digital mock, logo placement may vary.


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Weight 3 oz


  1. (verified owner):

    Great shades just need to restock a few of the other colors please!

  2. :

    Restock white please 😮

  3. (verified owner):

    Restock the black and clear ones

  4. :

    Re-stock the black and silver ones !

  5. :

    Had a black pair, loved them, lost them. Hoping to see clear and black restocked so I can get some more!

  6. (verified owner):

    Loved these shades but lost my pair and now im disappointed to find that black, clear, and silver are all out of stock…

  7. (verified owner):

    Great shades, they stay classy. Also very quick shipping. Hoping on the restocking of the white ones, they are next on my list.

  8. :

    Sweet shades. Like, they’re actually well made unlike some others I could mention. But I won’t because I’m tryna stay classy 😛 Love these shades. thanks again!

  9. :

    These sunglasses are dope. and can you make it in color green also.

  10. :

    bought a lime and a orange, nice shape and good quality, cant wait they restock other colors, want a black and yellow next time. thumb up!!

  11. :

    Very quick shipping and very good quality for the price

  12. :

    I have to wear them all day, no matter the sun. Got used to them so much… Just the right accesory for my “green-white swag” 😀

  13. :

    Straight classy. Made a lot better than StanceNation’s shades!

  14. :

    These shades are awesome. Got so many comments on them and people keep asking where I got them. For the price you cant go wrong at all. Just a great deal. Thank you Juststance!

  15. :

    I love these shades. I went to a concert with these on and received so many comments/compliments/laughs, as well as dirty looks from girls who don’t know how to dress themselves for public events. HAH but these are awesome, I love them, and for the price, how can you go wrong.

  16. :

    best shades for the price love them can’t wait until they get the white one and black ones in stock

  17. :

    I now have 6 pairs of these glasses and love them. They are comfortable and sturdy enough that my 18 month old doesn’t break them. Such a great, inexpensive item!

  18. :

    I have had these sunglasses for about a month or maybe two now. They are great! I love them! I even dropped them and a lens popped out no scratches and I popped it right back in. I was pretty amazed. I ordered the red ones so they look great with my lowered red 1994 integra

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