The Calm before the Storm

Written by : Posted on October 22, 2010 : 6 Comments

I’ve been a huge fan of 4 door G’s lately.

And by big fan…I mean…….big fan. A lot of them seem to be making their way out of the woodwork. Whether these guys are just getting around to acquiring them from their parents, or they are finally getting paid off. Either way I’m glad it’s happening. As some of you guys know I’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks so I haven’t really been online or coming up with awesome articles. I was in Texas enjoying NO humidity and I also got to see Deadmau5 LIVE, which is the ONE time I can actually pull myself away from Stance.

The first thing I did when I got home was log on to our new JustStance Forum and I came across this gorgeous G sedan. The user is “4drmadness” and has apparently already spoken with our own William Lee about doing an exclusive shoot. This is nice, because Mr. 4drmadness…I am in love with your car. All joking aside, he does have something serious up his sleeve. be on the lookout for the full feature in the upcoming weeks.

If that’s not enough, he’s rolling with Universal Air Suspension and some amazing JLine SMDRL2’s.
(18×8.5 in the front and 10’s in the rear)


  1. D0minicanrg72 on said:

    Door handles being shaved are rice?!!? HAHA, yea because you see that on honda civics all the time right? WRONG.

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