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A few weeks ago we were discussing features with our collaborating photographer Ray Horton and he mentioned a local VIP xB on Works. We kindly asked to let’s us get a sneak peek before giving the go and we were surprised at what we received. He provided us a complete photo shoot of a sick looking box located in Trenton, NJ and owned by Omar Chavez. Rocking VIP Style, enormous amount of negative camber, Work Eurolines DH (chrome polished), and on air suspension… this xB is absolutely breathtaking, fresh to be precise.


Omar has been in the scene for sometime now, he left the Honda crowd and picked up this xB to try something different and he’s done a fine job of putting it all together. What really captivated me about this entire build was the attention to details. According to Omar, this box holds together many rare JDM pieces and he’s added a few personalized touches that really fit and blend well with the entire build, from the chrome door handles to Toyota bB door sills and badges to name a few. He mentioned that in Trenton, NJ the VIP scene hasn’t really caught on yet, and running a -8° camber has brought him some great laughs, every once in a while he gets the “is your car broken?” question.

Broken? LOL

This is our first featured xB on JS and we hope you enjoyed Omar Chavez build cause it’s definitely solid. Considering that a lot of peeps are really digging and stancing these cars lately, were definitely looking forward to featuring more boxes in the upcoming future.

Thunder metallic cloud silver
JDM OEM Toyota bB headlights with city lights
JDM Sidemarkers OEM Toyota
Toyota bB VIP chrome door handles
Toyota VIP chrome mirrors
JDM OEM rear bumper aplique
JDM OEM rear chrome wiper
OEM toyota bB gas door with Toyota gas cap
Led 50/50 taillights custom
Scion xb hood bra
6k hid on headlights and 3k hids on foglights
Wheels & Tires
Work Eurolines DH chrome polished
F: 18×8 +29
R: 18×9.5 +25 -8° Camber shims
bBzero 15mm spacers

Custom seats stitched with katzkin leather and suede
Suede headliner and door pillars all around suede door panels
VIP table in passenger side
Custom bB speedometer
JDM toyota bB back lid (rare)
JDM toyota bobos chrome
Junction Produce neck pads all around
Garson d.a.d.s leather fragrance dispenser
OEM Toyota bB vip crystal knobs
Broadway mirror
JDM Toyota bB sunvisors
ATC vip woodgrain steering wheel JDM
NRG quick release and hub
Belleza VIP curtains front and back
Custom dub city dump air switch box,

Easy Street Airride front air struts rear bags
5 gallon tank
2 Viair chrome compressors
Blitz valves
Water catcher

JVC 7 inch double din
Pioneer highs and lows speakers
Pioneer tweeters in front
4 touch screen 6.5 tvs
12inch flip down tv in headliner
Siruis radio

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